Environmental Policy

Instrument Sales and Service, Inc. (“ISS” or “the Company”) is a global product and services provider that develops comprehensive lifecycle solutions for electronic and mechatronic component parts in the automotive, off-highway, heavy-duty, commercial vehicle, and automotive restoration industry segments. As a product lifecycle solutions provider, one of our key service offerings focuses on working with our customers to develop custom remanufacturing programs that can extend a component part lifespan and reduce the volume of material that ends up in landfills.

We are committed to considering and minimizing the environmental impact from our business operations wherever possible along with providing the necessary organization, commitment and training to fulfill this obligation. We firmly believe in, and are committed to, monitoring and improving environmental performance, pollution prevention and environmental protection by:

  • Incorporating environmental responsibility into all business operations by planning environmental protection, reviewing and developing policy, by setting targets and reviewing and auditing performance.
  • Utilizing effective but practical techniques to comply with the requirements of existing and future legislation, and encouraging those working on our site to meet the same standards.
  • Implementing a systematic waste minimization program to achieve objectives and targets to reduce waste.
  • Pursuing continuous improvement in environmental performance, where reasonably practicable, by setting objectives and targets, especially in addressing the areas of resource use, by reducing energy and water consumption, increasing reuse and recycling and improving solid and liquid waste management methods.
  • Being committed to maintaining effective communication systems on environmental matters through training and improved awareness.
  • Promoting our objectives and responding positively to inquiries and suggestions from both inside and outside the Company. All of our employees have responsibilities for policy implementation by participating and contributing to its success through their actions and suggestions.