Commercial Vehicle

Let us solve your commercial vehicle and heavy-duty electronic and mechatronic part supply challenges. We are a global solutions provider that assists our customers in solving the complex lifecycle challenges inherent in long-term vehicle service part supply contracts.  With a focus on electronic and mechatronic components, we are able to offer multiple solutions to our customers depending on their needs.  These solutions include component remanufacturing, product line transitions, and specialty and low-volume manufacturing. Our extensive knowledge of vehicle electronic and mechatronic components, combined with our engineering, project management and global sourcing capabilities make us an ideal partner to help you solve those difficult commercial vehicle service part problems.

Heavy-duty vehicles often have long service lives and replacement parts tend to get harder and harder to find over time and those that are available tend to be very expensive. Remanufacturing is often a great solution to extend component lifespans when it comes to electronics and mechatronics.

We recently assisted a very large fleet operator by implementing a remanufacturing program for instrument clusters that allowed them to save 40% to 50% from the new part cost. We interface directly with their service depots around the country through an exchange process that allows them to rapidly obtain the replacement parts they need by exchanging a failed part for a new one.

Contact us today to see how we can save you money and strengthen your supply chain by implementing a remanufacturing program for your critical electronic and mechatronic components.