Vehicle Mechatronics and Electronics for Off-Highway

Mechatronic Solutions for Off-Highway/Heavy Duty Needs, Including Component Manufacturing and Remanufacturing

We provide superior electronic and mechatronic solutions for off-highway/heavy-duty needs.

Let us solve your off-highway electronic and mechatronic part supply challenges. We are a global solutions provider that assists our customers in solving the complex lifecycle challenges inherent in long-term vehicle service part supply contracts.  With a focus on electronic and mechatronic components, we are able to offer multiple solutions to our customers depending on their needs.  These solutions include component remanufacturing, product line transitions, and specialty and low-volume manufacturing. Our extensive knowledge of vehicle electronic and mechatronic components, combined with our engineering, project management and global sourcing capabilities make us an ideal partner to help you solve those difficult off-highway service part problems.

Electronic components have proliferated in off-highway vehicles over the last 10 years. This can become a supply concern when these parts begin failing and replacements become harder and harder to find. Given the cost and lifespan of these pieces of equipment, vehicle operators cannot afford to have significant downtime.

Remanufacturing these hard to find electronic and mechatronic components is often a great solution and can often result in significant cost savings.

Key products we service for the Off-highway market include body control modules, engine control modules and transmission control modules. Other product categories include in-cab electronics such as instrumentation, GPS and driver interface controls.