Reverse Logistics

Complete Supply Chain Solutions

ISS offers complete supply chain solutions, including reverse logistics, exchange services, and core management capabilities through our 5 strategically located service and distribution centers in Seattle, Denver, Portland, Dallas and Phoenix. We can help our customers improve cash flow and reduce inventory through direct exchange of defective or damaged product returns with repair centers, retailers and depots. We also provide product recall management services, product inspection, diagnostic and analysis services as well as complete remanufacturing and refurbishment services for electronic and mechatronic components.

Today’s reality is that most electronic and mechatronic component parts are sourced over in Asia, but what happens when these components fail? It is generally not cost effective to ship them back to the original supplier for failure analysis and repair. This is where we come in. We can provide a full suite of diagnostic analysis, refurbishment, remanufacturing and distribution services. We have worked with some of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world to help them manage the supply chain for the distribution and reverse logistics of electronic components with their thousands of repair centers. We offer same-day component exchange services in many markets and overnight exchange with any service center in the United States.

Managing recalls and warranty repair campaigns can be fraught with complications when it comes to electronic components. Vehicle repair centers are often ill equipped to deal with highly technical electronic or software related failures, so what to do? We can work directly with repair centers and retailers to ensure that replacement parts reach customer vehicles rapidly and on the backend, core tracking, diagnostic analysis and refurbishment happens smoothly and efficiently.

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