Although the vast majority of our customers are automotive-related, we also provide services for a number of companies outside of this area.

Our Focus is Electromechanical Parts.

90% of all products ISS manufactures, remanufactures, engineers and distributes are electromechanical parts. An electromechanical part is one where there is an electric signal that interacts with a mechanical movement.

For example, a fuel sensor residing in a gas tank has a float that rises as fuel is added to the tank. The rising of this float is a mechanical motion. This triggers an electric signal that travels to the fuel gauge, notifying the driver of how much fuel is in the tank. Thus, the fuel sensor is an electromechanical part.

The fuel gauge in this example would also be an electromechanical part, as the electrical signal drives the mechanical motion of the gauge needle moving up or down to indicate full or empty.

Because this is our specialty, we have developed capabilities to manufacture, remanufacture and engineer Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s) and Integrated Circuits (IC’s).

At times for specific strategic reasons we veer outside of the electromechanical product mix, as with Body Control Modules (which only have an electrical facet) or instrument cluster component parts like pointer needles (which only have mechanical aspects). However, we do so for specific strategic reasons.

As a rare company that is able to offer manufacturing, remanufacturing, engineering and distribution all under one roof, we never want to lose focus on our core electromechanical competencies. We are by nature already incredibly diversified without venturing too far from our core products.