Case Study – Remanufacturing


A large Fleet operator approached ISS with the need to service instrument panels in delivery vehicles that were 10-15 years old and which were expected to remain in service for a considerable number of years.   The original manufacturers of the parts were not known and the IP data had either been lost or could not be made available.


Four separate instrument panels were identified by the fleet operator that were considered an urgent “need”. However, the fleet operator did not have any recorded data regarding their operation history or failure modes. They had simply been replacing the product with new parts and disposing of the non-functioning cores without analysis. Due to this, test equipment and test procedures would need to be developed completely from scratch. All cosmetic, electronic and mechanical parts necessary for the remanufacturing process would have to be reverse-engineered and sourced without OEM specifications.

ISS Solution:

ISS developed initial testing procedures for each instrument panel and then initiated a large testing operation to gather data on failure modes and test parameters for each type of failure. Once we had performed a rigorous in house testing and data gathering process, we collaborated with the fleet operator to test units in their vehicles for field testing. We identified and reviewed all necessary replacement parts and developed the specifications necessary to source the components from our global supply chain.


ISS is now supplying remanufactured instrument panels to the fleet operator which is saving them money and allows them to keep their vehicles in operation for an extended period of time without worrying whether the instrument panel OEM will at some point discontinue the manufacturing of the new panels due to lower volumes.